A couple of great digital bike mags

As a cycling copywriter I read a lot of bike press, but the majority of it makes my skin itch it's so dull. To try and counteract that, here are recommendations for bike mags that break out of the same old gear reviews / race reports way of doing things and actually make stuff you will enjoy reading. Sounds simple, but in their own way they're revolutionary.

Bunyan Velo

This mag is so good it has been keeping me up at night. In fact, it should carry a disclaimer to the effect that reading this before bed will fill your head with ideas and schemes for your own adventurous journeys on two wheels.


Truthfully this is a biased one. I helped work on the last issue of Conquista and have had one piece published in the mag too. That's not to say it isn't brilliant in its own right. You can buy the latest issue in full here (it only costs $5) or grab a sneak peek at my piece over in the Work section.

Conquista Issue 6 Cover