Three incredible branded cycling films that hit the internet in the last month

Sometimes I don't know where I stand on branded video content. On the one hand, there's no denying it's a great investment for brands with unmatched power to grab attention and tell stories, but on the other, my total lack of ability behind a video camera makes me a little bit resentful. Plus, if you're going to produce anything longer than 15 seconds, you have to accept that you're asking a great deal from your audience – who tend to discover this type of content through their social media feeds. Creating something that will stop your audience in its tracks, so much so that they'll risk getting caught watching it at work, is tough to do. More and more though I'm seeing videos that have nailed that instant attention-grabbing element. 

My recent trip to Romania for Mpora has given me a whole new level of appreciation for downhill mountain biking. Just spending a weekend teetering and tottering along every trail in the Carpathian mountains was enough to instil in me a huge level of respect for the skills these guys have. Here's Lachlan Blair having entirely too much fun playing 'The Mexican' for Morvelo.

Put together by video production pro, Robin Lee, who was introduced to me a few weeks ago by another friend, this is a beautiful little promo vid for Lucho Dillitos. Who knew there was so much awesome riding in and around Hong Kong? They shot this in a single day – which is pretty bloody impressive if you ask me.

Ok, so I'll warn you now, this is a long one. Put together by the Rad Race and Aurora, it's a 20-minute film about their trip to Iceland – just watching them riding through the ethereal, otherworldly landscapes stokes up my desire to book a flight for me and by bike to Reykjavik. If you enjoy Germans suffering, this is for you. Get your popcorn out and settle in.