Established in 2014 to satisfy an unscratched creative itch, Smoke & Tales is an online magazine devoted to telling the true story of life in London. Featuring thoughts and reflections on the city, by the people who live in it.


Founded in 2014, the Big Boys Bicycle Club originated as a way of formalising a regular weeknight ride between friends in London. Since then the club has grown steadily and branched out into all kinds of activities. We're on Strava, or you can find us on British Cycling. Membership is free (and you don't have to be 'big' or a boy to join). Follow us on Instagram.


Tunics for Goalposts is an absolutely fantastic community heritage project in my hometown, researching the history of Glossop Football Club and the effects of the first world war on its players. I helped them build their website, which you should visit. In April of 2016 the National Football Museum agree to use the information gather to form part of their archive – so it can be used by other researchers, students and fans long into the future.